The One Thing

January 2, 2011

The secret to success is the one thing.  This isn’t a new idea, but an effective reminder for me. The one thing for me means the one focus.  The one thing I focus on to get me through whether going through steroids, cytoxan, or daily living with MS.

For me, the one thing is my son.  I love to be outdoors walking in the woods, shooting hoops, etc. with my son.  I have a routine, a daily routine I perform from the time my eyes open in the morning before I even try to get out of bed.  Ok, so I press the snooze button a few hundred times before I start this routine.  OR, you could say the snooze button is part of my routine.  I hate alarm clocks.

As I shake the sleep from my head, my eyes, my body I repeat to myself “this is my situation, I cannot change that.  I am grateful for my life especially my son.  I picture my son and I walking through the woods with our dog, or shooting hoops, or talking, even laughing.  Remembering my blessings, realizing how much I still have in my life puts into perspective my atypical MS.  This process also frames my thoughts, feelings, and ideas in a positive light making life a bit easier.

When I was going through cytoxan (chemo) I performed this same routine while sitting in the chair in the infusion center.  I imagined the cytoxan as an elixir that repaired the damage done by MS.  I imagined this elixir giving me the ability to “play” with my son again.  To hike a mountain, climb the rocks on the coast of Maine, ride the ocean waves.  Closing my eyes and really imagining cytoxan as an elixir pouring into my veins seeking out damage and repairing it.  I watched it cover my damaged nerve connections and watched as it repaired these connections.

Yes, I know it sounds a bit weird and different.  But, it works.  I believe I responded so well to the cytoxan and baclofen pump because of this attitude.  Somehow this vision made my mind strong so that it was unwavering during the worst times.  Having a strong, focused mind really helps when the hurricane hits.  Because as we all know the hurricane always hits.  No one is left unscathed in this life, that is just life.  You may hear some people complaining about a cold, about a store being out of their favorite ice cream, or not getting a raise in a few years when they are paid handsomely for their effort. As you sit there listening you may say, “Hey, I’ll take your troubles over mine.”  Yet we don’t.  I like to say, “The devil you do know is better than the devil you don’t know.”  Kind of the like “The Grass is always greener….”.  When you are talking about MS, atypical MS, ppms, “devil” is a much better word.

So, I guess I am saying deal with the issues you have because they are yours and find a way to happiness one thing at a time.  I truly think that is the only to deal with troubles.  We all have them, it is how we use those troubles that determine our happiness.