MS Improves With Rituxan

September 13, 2013

Almost four months have passed since completing my first cycle of Rituxan. Admittedly, I was apprehensive about trying a new treatment option. My doctors started treatment using the least problematic option, so every change means potentially more worries and less future choices. After all, progressive multiple sclerosis is the giant white elephant in the room- ain’t nobody looking it’s way. Every other week it seems relapsing remitting ms has a new treatment option while progressive ms plods along with bad to worse treatments. Oh, I guess I should just be happy there are treatments. And I am!

So, onto the treatment du jour-Rituxan. Yes, its doing its job. Overall, my symptoms have lessened, I’ve grown stronger, and I remain stable. That’s a good thing. I cannot say that each day or week I continue to see improvement, but my life is noticeably better. I can walk further distance wise, and have more stamina, endurance. If you have read any of my blog concerning my early days of with this disease, then only remaining stable would be a huge deal. But to feel stronger, to have symptoms lessen, to have improved quality of life is truly a blessing.

Now onto the good part. Yes, I said the good part as if improved quality of life isn’t good enough. Recently, I learned that it can take several cycles of Rituxan before garnering it’s delicious full effect. Needless to say I welcome my next cycle of Rituxan. The lack of side effects is also a welcome change from cytoxan and cellcept. Granted the possibility of PML if JC Virus positive is a bit bigger of an issue than say nausea, but PML has not occurred in any MS patient receiving Rituxan as a disease modifying treatment. We all need a good justification every day-that’s mine.


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